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Free E-book
Free Ebook for Messianic Jews
Offered by: Overcomer Ministries

Free Ebook for Messianic Jews

Grace versus law is an issue of supreme importance to every follower of Jesus the Messiah. Finding the proper balance between grace versus law is a major key to a joyful, victorious lifestyle that glorifies God. A new on-line book entitled “Messianic Jews and the Law of Moses” tackles the subject of grace versus law from a whole new perspective.

The author, Bill Nugent, a gifted Bible teacher, approaches grace versus law by giving a proper understanding of the Abrahamic and Sinaitic covenants.  He follows with some extremely helpful teaching on laying down the self-life and how to walk in continued guidance by the Holy Spirit. “Messianic Jews and the Law of Moses” was originally written to Jewish believers in Jesus to give them insight as to how they are to relate to the Old Testament commands regarding the Sabbath, kosher laws etc.

All believers, Jew and Gentile, who are interested in understanding grace versus law will benefit from the powerful and conclusive case presented in this book.

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